For Agile Films by 2veinte from 2veinte on Vimeo.

Agile Films asked us to make a whatever we wanted video. So we did this cute 2D animation.

Done by 2veinte
Directed by Pablo Gostanian
Art Direction & Design: Pablo Gostanian
Animation Direction & Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Audio Edit: Pablo Gostanian
Executive Director: Agustin Valcarenghi

More new work coming up soon.

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Twitter: @2veintestudio

Cosmosf from Eser Karaca on Vimeo.

Client: SonicLab
Motion Design: Tolga Ozisik
Sound Design: Eser Karaca

Used Computer Graphic techniques. I created like sound visuals to tell a minimal story. Sound has a shape in mind. It is reminiscent of something, So sounds empower imagination like feeding it.
Cosmosƒ Plugin “Advanced Stochastic Synthesizer”

What is Cosmosƒ?
Cosmosƒ is a tool which is made for computer music and sound design. It does truely use the computer for sonic calculation and digital audio rendering, the kind of which is impossible to do by hand.

©All user interface rights reserved by SonicLab.

Partituira - Ligeti - {Excerpts} from Abstract Birds on Vimeo.

Partitura-Ligeti is a collaboration between Abstract Birds + Quayola in the form of a live audiovisual
concert and installation based on Ligeti’s sonata for viola solo, performed by Odile Auboin of
Ensemble intercontemporain, Paris.
Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren,
Partitura-Ligeti is inherently connected to music, generating and defining its own coherent visual language .
Through the use of bespoke software, the sound of the viola is analysed and transformed into dynamic graphic scores.
The six Ligeti pieces materialise into linear structures, translating the music and its complexities into abstract
geometries and forms.
Ligeti had a far reaching influential palate from Renaissance to African music, literature, painting, architecture,
science and mathematics, especially the fractal geometry of Benoît Mandelbrot and the writings of Douglas Hofstadter.
The Sonata for Viola Solo, has been described as “perhaps the greatest paean yet written to a single string,
in this case, the viola’s lowest string, “C” its most sensual asset.
Commissioned by Arcadi for Nemo Festival, in collaboration with Ensemble Intercontemporain.
Abstract Birds / Quayola - Artists
Odile Auboin - Musician
Keri Elmsly - Producer
Adam Stark - Sound Analysis
Commissioned by Arcadi and Nemo Festival
In collaboration with Ensemble Intercontemporain
Music by György Ligeti
Developed in VVVV
with additional dx11 support from Julien Vuillet and Matt Swoboda

"Dark Motion Therapy" (and a motion designer’s story) from mike polizos on Vimeo.

I’m a motion designer based in Athens, Greece.
I always wanted to make the move from fusion to after effects for my motion graphics needs, but never really had the time to do it. So, these holidays I’ve decided to make that move, even if that meant I wouldn’t leave my home!
After a loooong week watching tutorials from all over the web I’ve made my first little piece of animation in after effects.
I’ll probable stay for my compositing needs in fusion, but oh man!!! I’m really excited and I’m in love all over again!!!

I hope you like it.


The ‘320° Licht’ installation of URBANSCREEN uses the cathedral-like beauty of the Gasometer Oberhausen as the starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light.

Within a radius of 320 degrees graphic patterns grow and change on the 100-metre high inside wall of the Gasometer.

The observer experiences the interplay between real and virtual space, in which the Gasometer seems to dissolve into its own, filigree structures and yet finally always reverts to its clear shape. ’320° Licht’ is achieved with kind project support from Epson Germany.

With approx. 20,000 square meters of area played upon, the installation is among the world’s largest and technically most sophisticated interior projections - interconnecting 21 powerful projectors to one projection screen.

Duration (loop): approx. 22 min.

'320° Licht' is part of the exhibition ‘The Appearance of Beauty’ - the variety of beauty in art that is shown inside the Gasometer. The Gasometer Oberhausen opens this exhibition from 11th April until 30th December.

Please find detailed information on Gasometer Oberhausen (

Art Director: Thorsten Bauer, Max Görgen, Till Botterweck, Julian Hölscher
Creative Director: Thorsten Bauer
3D Supervisor: Peter Pflug
3D Designer: Till Botterweck
Sound Design & Music: Jonas Wiese (
Project Manager: Majo Ussat

Documentation Director: Jonas Wiese
Camera: Thorbjörn Geisler
Slider Operator: Marcel Bueckner
Edit: Jonas Wiese
Grading: Thorbjörn Geisler

THX for providing REAL brillant services: Intermediate Engineering (
Projection project partner: Epson Germany (
3D Scan support: Leica Geosystems (
Media-Engine support: WINGS VIOSO (
An production